Give yourself a New Beginning!

Cecilia has been coaching groups of readers who want to make lifestyle changes for the newspapers Mera Linköping, Mera Norrköping and Paus, the weekend supplement of Östgöta Correspondenten and Norrköpings tidningar. If you know your Swedish (or have a friend that does) you can read more about it here.

Do you want to give yourself a New Beginning?

Maybe you know what you would like to change and you know roughly what you need to do to get there, but you're still not managing to actually do it? Or you might have started off feeling super excited about your new lifestyle only to find the inspiration wearing off a few weeks later, or when facing a challenges? Or maybe life has served you difficulties you can't change, but you'd still like to lead a more vital, meaningful and fulfilling life?

We want to help you! Our upcoming online course will help you with the actual process of change - a step by step program that gives you the tools you need to make the changes you want. It can also give you new perspectives and help you find ways to lead a meaningful, active and vital life with all your struggles.

The steps of the course are:

1. Finding meaning and motivation. To establish and maintain durable life changes you need to get in touch with why the change is important to you, deep down, this is where your motive power lives!
2. Why people do what they do.  Basic lineout of the principles that run human behaviour and how we can identify behaviours that brings us closer, or further away from the things we want in life.
3. The art of being present. Presence, or mindfulness, builds the foundation for you to be able to register what is really going on in different situations and gives you the option of choosing how to act instead of reacting.
4. Kick your but's. This step is all about how to interact with unhelpful thoughts and difficult emotions in a more helpful way.
5. Self compassion. Become your own friend and stop self sabotaging behaviours.
6. Where the wheels hit the ground. Create your own roadmap which will take you to your destination.
7. Top Up. This is your go-to modul if things are not working out the way you thought. It helps you identify where you get stuck and guides you to which one of the earlier steps you would find helpful to work more on.

The material will be presented in writing, through on line lectures, audios and different exercises. You can also add on 1-1 support calls with Cecilia.

The course will be in our shop later this autumn - if you would like to receive information when it hits the digital shelves, please drop us a line via the contact form below. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
Photographer: Liza Collins