Lifepractice - The Practice of Life

Since 2008 Cecilia, a chartered physiotherapist with a bachelor degree in Behavioural Science working with an ACT approach on behavioural change, has been running Lifepractice.

With her knowledge within the field of PsychoSomatic Physiotherapy, Basic Body Awareness, CBT, ACT and Clinical Psychology Cecilia assists individuals, groups and organisations finding their way to vitality and success!

 Lifepractice┬┤s ambition is to help people thrive no matter what the circumstances might look like and with the ACT approach find flexible ways to live a life that matters - at the workplace, in your relationships and in becoming everything that you are.

You will find more specific information by choosing the subpage that speaks to you, or you can contact us with your request in the contact form below. We are looking forward to hearing from you!